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Join the Chilton Quest to uncover the magic of nature and legends of the valley!

Stride out along the field track with map and question sheet in hand, with riddles to solve and quest to conquer!

Take on the trees for life challenge, the river race, the archery arena!

Discover the hidden mysteries of our ancient woodland, wattle a camp, cook around the fire and listen to legends from long ago.

The clubs are run in small groups (max 12) by qualified, DBS certified staff with relevant risk assessment.

Age 7-11yrs, Feb 12-18, 10-4pm 

THE DAY 10-4 pm

10.00 Greeting and refreshments

10.30 Enrole in the quest, team challenges

11.30 Snack break

11.45 Wildlife quest through the fields to the woods

12.45 Lunch break - campfire lighting and cooking and telling of legends

13.30 Tread the  woodland  trail to find the hidden mysteries

14.30 Creative time

15.00 Refreshment break - head back

15.30 Archery arena conquest

16.00 Collection of children

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