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Be a Planet Champion and let's have fun helping to nurture and conserve nature and our planet together !

Here at CHILTON it's all about reconnecting to awaken our awareness and appreciation of nature and reconnecting with ourselves and with others.

Come with your friends and immerse yourself in nature. Discover and study ecology in the different ecosystems, in the wildflower meadows, the fields, the riverbed and the woods through the seasons. Design and build habitats and take part in the creation of your community orchard! Measure the benefits of trees and have meaningful discussions on how to help sustain our planet.

Also, have fun practising skills of archery and other sports. Learn bushcraft, shelter building, outdoor cooking and nature craft. Enjoy field trekking and a special seasonal Easter scavenger hunt!

THE DAY 10-4 pm

10.00 Greeting and refreshments

10.30 Team challenges, nature study and creating wildlife habitats

11.30 Snack break

11.45 Field trek and woodland Easter scavenger hunt

12.45 Lunch break - campfire lighting and cooking

13.30 Planet champion spoken word

14.30 Camp building

15.00 Refreshment break - head back

15.30 Outdoor games - archery, archery tag, nature parkour

16.00 Collection of children

Run in small groups of 12 and under, DBS certified and risk assessed

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