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Come with your friends and have fun and learning in nature. Try yours skills of archery, bushcraft, woodland camp building and cooking over the camp fire. Discover the magic of nature in the meadows,  arboretum, fields, waterways and woods. Design and build nature habitats and join our Planet Champions and help plant trees.

Chilton Magic Garden provides a relaxed, unrestrained, liberating and inclusive environment that encourages freedom to play whilst harnessing children’s curiosity for self-discovery.

We provide our own themed nature-inspired and science-oriented experiences towards an extended horizon of the childrens’ educational journey, fostering a child’s resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness and resolution

The clubs are run in small groups (max 12) by qualified, DBS certified staff with relevant risk assessment.


THE DAY 10-4 pm

10.00 Greeting and refreshments

10.30 Team challenges like tree planting, creating eco hedges, habitats

11.30 Snack break

11.45 Activity

12.45 Lunch break - campfire lighting and cooking

13.30 Pow  wow 

14.30 Creative time

15.00 Refreshment break - head back

15.30 Outdoor games - archery, archery tag, nature parkour

16.00 Collection of children

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