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28 Oct 2023 🎃 “A Hauntingly Good Time: Nature’s Halloween Extravaganza”. 🎃


Children and their families stepped into the mystical realm of nature where Halloween took on an otherworldly twist. Our spooky adventure began in a wonky graveyard, where ancient tombstones cast eerie shadows. The air is filled with an enchanting mix of anticipation and mystery as the children gathered for a night of spine-tingling tales and festivities. The bones of the unfortunates had to be found in the graveyard, put together  and reburied in their sacred graves.


At the heart of the gathering was the “Lucky Spooky Halloween Tree,” a twisted and gnarled giant that seems to have emerged straight from a ghostly fairy tale. Legend has it that those who dare to throw a conker into one of the wholes in the tree will be blessed with good luck for the upcoming year. Brave souls lined up, eager to throw their conkers through its haunted holes, hoping for a stroke of good fortune.


As the afternoon unfolded, the attention shifted to the Crooked Football Pitch, guarded by the enigmatic Ghost Keeper. This spectral figure, draped in ethereal robes, oversaw a peculiar game where the rules were as twisted as the pitch itself. Laughter and ghostly cheers filled the air as players navigated the crooked field, adding a touch of the supernatural to this spirited Halloween celebration.

The monster uprooted tree was the next challenge to aim balls from the lucky dip  of leaves to the gaping eyes of the monster.


As the sun lowered in the sky, families and friends made their way to the fairy light lit barn where we were truly mesmerised by the meditative vibrations of the sound bath of nature created by gongs, singing bowls, drums and strange instruments.


We feasted on Haunted Hungarian stew, fresh, festive food including pancakes, farm fresh Milk on the Move Milkshakes and sweet treats! We played fun games, some were brave enough to try the zip wire in the dark ! they captured the ghost pinata, and we boogied the night away.


As night edged in, the revellers watched the bewitching glow of Chinese lanterns over the pond, marking the end of this one-of-a-kind Halloween event in nature. With memories of ghostly games, graveyard thrills, and the mystical and magical Spooky Tree.


The children departed with a sense of wonder and tales to share – proving that Chilton Magic Garden’s Nature Halloween celebration was an experience like no other!

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