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Summer Finale Party!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

What a beautiful event at Chilton Magic Garden on Saturday to celebrate the change of seasons. To say goodbye to our British Summer and mark the end of the holidays and to welcome the Autumn and look forward to starting the school year again.

Many children of various ages (and some parents!) all having fun and freedom in nature, respecting the beautiful Arboretum of Chilton Magic Garden and helping look after each other in the afternoon and early evening.

We had organised play, outdoor cooking and barn dancing, but as always at Chilton Magic Garden, one of the most delightful things, is the individual interests of the children and their small groups in finding some unique activity in various parts of the garden and engaging in new discoveries, connecting with nature and just having quality time together in the fresh air, by the grassy meadows or under the majestic trees or the still-flowing riverbed.

We had sports. Children were thrilled to play football at the Crooked Uphill Football Pitch at Chilton Magic Garden, having the penalty shoot-outs to “Beat the Chef”, who also served as the goalkeeper. Each cheering the goals of others and even the missed shots! What beautiful team-play and team-building of a small community!

Children were confident at introducing themselves and playing together from the ages of 5 to early tens and even some teenagers enjoying each other's company. The big swing and ropes were ever so popular and so many had fun with the grass sledge whizzing down the slopes or pushing each other on the quad bike and even hoping to start the petrol engine.

We had plenty of food with Hungarian Goulash being made on the roaring fire and even a vegetarian version of it and the BBQ, busy with the hot dogs, burgers and pizzas. Some enjoyed the taste of the paprika stew for the first time, while others preferred the more familiar food. But predictably, the marshmallows roasted on campfire were the best for many.

As evening came, the barn was ready for some action!

The barn dancing started with line dancing, which the children followed well and then it was the children's turn for improvised dancing, because ‘We know you know how to party!’.

A Ball was had by All!

Just outside the barn, the zip-wire was going down and up, the swing circling above the pond scaring away the ducks and the trampoline providing fun and high jumps.

As school approaches, we plan to continue offering regular and special events, creating and flourishing two regular groups, one focusing on forest, trees and woodland and the other on the river, riverbed and pond environment. This will provide regular opportunities for children of all ages to learn more and engage hands-on with these aspects of nature. We will hold celebration events like the one this Saturday and expand into craft activities and engaging not only the children, but their wider families, as well as putting the fields and surroundings of Chilton Farm available to our broader communities.

Please look out for updates on the Chilton Magic Garden website:

We thank all children and parents for sharing the Summer Celebration Party last Saturday.

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