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Tree-mendous Tree Planting

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Wow! What a fabulous day we had with friends both young and old planting trees to save the planet!

It was strenuous work but everybody put in the effort and the weather was bright and sunny!

It was great mapping out the area where the trees were to be planted, digging a quadrant and removing the upper turf, before digging a deeper hole the depth of the roots for the tree. We learnt about mycorrhizal fungi which we added to the roots and how they work with the tree roots to help water uptake whilst the tree provides it sugar to grow and how there is an extensive communication 'bionet' underground between fungi, plants and trees. We tied the trees to a pole to stop it being blown over and protected the stem with a a shield to stop animals nibbling at it. We enjoyed collecting the water in buckets from the stream which runs through the valley and carrying it back up the meadow to water the trees. We recorded our day as Planet Champions in action.

This enjoyable activity with friends was rewarded with hotdogs, snacks and juice by the campfire!

Job Well Done! Happy Days!


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