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Congratulations Children of Chilton Magic Garden

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

15 June 2022

Congratulations to our Young Tree Champions!

We, the Children of Chilton Magic Garden have been awarded ‘National Beacon School’ status by the Tree Council for our activities in

Young Tree Champions Programme (

and the Force for Nature and Speaking up for Trees Programmes (

The mission of our Young Tree Champions is to inspire and unlock the power of trees to help tackle the nature and climate crisis and create a healthier future for all life on earth.

What we do at Chilton Magic Garden: connect with nature, each other and ourselves. We by engaging in tree and hedgerow planting, habitat creation, learning about biodiversity, conservation and having a lot of fun adventures outdoors.

Special thanks to our Chilton Magic Garden Ambassadors:

Sebastian MB, Story B, Guy R, Sunny T, Lewis M, Vivaan M, Elliot P and Issac W for their continued enthusiasm and support throughout the year.


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