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Saving our Planet by Replanting Saplings!

Updated: May 12, 2023

Wednesday 14 July

In the arboretum we shared:

Gratitude, attitude and purpose with each other.

Gratitude -‘Together as friends, sharing wonders of nature’.

‘grateful that we are healthy and happy’

Attitude – ‘Be helpful and kind’

Purpose - ‘learning to help the planet, help trees and wildlife’

‘save a tree, replant a sapling’

Replanting saplings

We replanted some saplings to move them from a shady place under a tree where it wouldn’t grow to a light spot in a clearing where it should grow much better.

Harvesting Saplings

We cleared the area, prepared the ground, dug the hole and planted the horse chestnut sapling. We watered it and protected it from animals by putting sticks around it.

Campfire cooking

We lit a crisscross campfire with flint and steel for cooking on.

We peeled some root vegetables and scattered the peels in the field for the rabbits, although the sheep probably ate them first!

We found something! Is it a rabbit hole?

Giving the vegetarian woodland stew a stir

Relaxation after lunch enjoying the ‘flying basket’

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